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Calling All Women in Their 40's Through 60's.

The time has come for you to speak up for what you want, get clear on your desires and dreams, and make them your new reality.

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Success Story from a Phase Forward client

Phase Forward is an amazing coaching program. I entered the program mentally weakened by a physical illness which resulted in me feeling old, tired and unmotivated. This coupled with 2 years of "life interrupted" thanks to COVID sanctions and being unable to see my children studying thousands of miles away; led to feelings of depression and isolation. I am usually a social creature and the last couple of years of, "social distancing" really took a toll on me. This program helped me feel empowered and reconnected to the world. Thank you Nicky for your attention and support. I will always be thankful for participating in this program and grateful for your assistance in helping me to understand and motivate myself.


It's time to Rock Your Chapter 2 and Reinvent Yourself!


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For many women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond, it can feel like you've run out of time… that your "best years" are behind you. That things are supposed to get easier but instead, they're getting harder.


… and you find yourself thinking, "What’s next for me?"

I GET IT because I was where you are not that long ago.


My kids were all grown up – which left a huge void. 


What do I do now... for fun? For me? 


I was proud of myself for what I accomplished as a mother and a wife but the thought played over and over…


What do I want to do with the rest of my life?


I was only half-way through, and yet I felt like I was starting out all over again. It was super scary and exciting at the same time...


Can you relate? 


Are you ready to make your Chapter 2 even better than the first one?!

If you're struggling with:


  • Not knowing your deeper purpose, dreams or desires

  • Not being able to speak up for YOU

  • Navigating the physical and emotional menopausal changes happening in your body

  • Conflicting (or distance) relationship with adult kids

  • Communication breakdowns with your partner

...you're in the Right Place!

Maybe you are a busy woman with a 40-hour work week – and you're longing for more purpose and fulfillment in your life...

Maybe you're a stay-at-home mom who dedicated your life to your children – and now that they are leaving, you're feeling a little lost...

Maybe you've finally retired and you have all this freedom – but you're not sure what to do with your time, or what you want next... 

You are not alone. And you don't have to go through this alone!

Get ready to meet an amazing community of like-minded women who will uplift & inspire you as you design your Chapter 2 together.

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My Story...

Hi, I'm Nicky Clarke

After my kids left the house, I enjoyed the freedom... for about a week! I watched TV in the middle of the day, did whatever I wanted, and pretty soon I was bored to tears!


After a few months of this, I decided it was time for a change.  

I hired incredible coaches and mentors who helped me:


  • Unlock my voice and start speaking up for my needs & desires

  • Get clear in my deeper vision & dreams that I had been putting off for years

  • Deepen my relationships with my husband and adult kids 

  • Learn to love myself through the menopausal changes in my body

  • Unleash the authentic me – and let go of any fear or resistance that used to hold me back



As a result, I followed my dream and started a brand new journey as a coach at the age of 51!



Your dream maybe something completely different. 


But if you're anything like most of the women I talk to at this age & stage of life... then you know what it's like to want MORE. 


I'm here to tell you – you deserve it! And it's time for you to claim it. 


I would be honored to support you on your journey.

Success from past client

 Like Nicky I married young 3 decades ago, so through similar experiences, the timing felt like divine order.  With guarded optimism, I took the plunge to invest in her coaching program for my personal growth and well-being as time and experience had already taught me the priceless value of support.  It continues to be a pleasure working with Nicky with no regrets but appreciation for her kindness and wisdom.. She has helped to guide, support, and keep me accountable along my journey of exploration and understanding the joys and challenges of life, finding balance to pursue my personal passions, career, and family goals all while savoring the blessing of many cherished relationships. 


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How I Got to Where I am Today!

After floundering for a while, watching TV in the middle of the day, I finally decided to get support! 


I hired coaches and mentors, and in that process, I really unlocked my voice, I got clear on my deeper vision and dreams that I had been putting off for me which lead me to want to be a coach, but for you that can be something different. 


After getting the right support my communication with my husband soared, my relationship with my adult kids grew stronger, I found new ways to love myself through my menopausal changes in my body.


I was able to unleash the authentic me through coaching, releasing resistance which lead me to follow my dream to be a coach in my Chapter 2 at 51!

I look around and see all these women looking for support and struggling… 

What makes                  different?​


I will teach you how to approach your Chapter 2,  change your mindset surrounding a new “phase” in your life, and speak up for what you want. Create the authentic version of YOU.


I will give you tools to learn acceptance and how to slow down what call the “racing mind syndrome” so that you can fully embrace all the change that will come.


I will share with you how I was able to improve my relationship with my husband and adult children with clear communication to reduce conflict.


I will take you through the steps to navigate the over 50 change, to learn to love your body UNCONDITIONALLY with some rewriting of your “scripts”

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I will Teach YOU...

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What we will Cover

How to stop and listen to your inner pull you feel for more - all while navigating the rigors of life, your changing body, your changing relationships, your adult children and so much more. 

With Live Coaching….

In each Session we will work together and dive into different areas using various techniques to ensure the success of you accomplishing your goals in the program.

What’s Included:

  • 4 Months of LIVE Group Coaching sessions 

  • On the spot coaching and exercises

  • Weekly 90-minute group calls

  • Community of incredible like-minded women in a similar phase of life with the same problems and goals 

  • One private coaching call 1:1 to dive deeper to personalize your success

  • Ongoing support and accountability through Whatsapp group support


By the end of this program, you will:

  • Have the courage to ask and speak up for what you want

  • Love your body through the changes to share it with the world

  • Experience clear communication with your partner on your needs and wants

  • Experience harmonious relationships and increased the connection with your adult children

  • Get clear on your purpose in life, your dreams and desires, and how to make them your reality 




Complete the application form below.


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Pick your best time and day for the clarity call
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Sept. 7th 2022

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After completing this form you will get a confirmation email with your Scheduler to book a FREE Clarity Call.


When you come on the call, we are going to get you clear on (3)  three things.

1. What specific challenges do you face daily in Chapter 2 . I’ll share with you some small changes you can implement to make things better right away.

2. What has been sabotaging you from having the lifestyle you truly want? Now, this likely is going to completely shock you and you probably never realized this important aspect about yourself so be ready to be awakened to a brand new perspective on the second phase of your life.

3. Exactly what you want your Chapter 2 to look like, be like and feel like if you could achieve anything you wanted in your life and how PHASE FORWARD will help on this.

Do you have any other questions about the program?
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