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As you awake, before checking your phone, do a mindful "check in". Notice how you are feeling, are you calm, anxious or tense. 

After your awareness check in, express gratitude for all you have and experience. Set your intention for the day, say a morning affirmation.

As you rise and start your day, be mindful of all you come into contact with, the temperature of the water in the shower, the taste of your first sip of coffee. Be mindful for all of those who are now in your space. Exercise your mind and your body with mediation and motion.

As you start your day be aware of the choices you make as that will set your mind for the rest of the day. 


As our day comes to a close, it is time once again to do a mindful check in. How has your day been for you, what emotions has surfaced as a result of all that has happened. Giving gratitude for all that was presented to you, give you power and control over your thoughts and emotions.

For five minutes, sit with your thoughts, release any thoughts or emotions from the day that no longer resonate with you. You will be able to release the stress that is attached to them. 

Before closing your eyes, you end the day the way you began, no phone, being in awareness of your mind and body. 

Give thanks for all you received during the day.


Day & Evening Mindfulness Practice

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