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Hi, I'm Nicky your Coach!

What I’m about to present you is a brand new experience that is going to help you take your private coaching with me to another level!


Yes, we are going higher with your experience, this time I will be equipping you with the tools so that you can make your mark in the world. 

Next Level Private Coaching Overview



Next Level Coaching is a 4-month private coaching program. You’ll learn personal development mastery -  the skills and confidence to transform your own life first.  You will also be to use these skills that you learn to support those around you to create harmonious relationships all while navigating your Chapter 2!  


Calls bi-weekly for 75 min, time slots are specifically chosen by you for your convenience. 


This is not a self-study program. You’ll be privately coached and mentored online as you master the communication skills and proven frameworks of The Aliveness Method® which I have been certified in.  


Everything you learn, you’ll apply to yourself first. From the frameworks you are taught over the 4 months you will gain clarity about your unique gifts in your Chapter 2, what brings you alive, and the right next steps for you. You will be able to use what you learn to grow your business and experience more harmony and connection in your personal & professional relationships. 


Because You Want to Level Up…


You have been coached by me and are on your own personal development journey now… and now maybe you’re ready to take that development to another level. Your soul is telling you it’s time to step up and take your personal development to the next level and be of service in a much bigger way – and you’re ready to answer the call.

Because You Want to Evolve & Transform YOU…

Your life is great… and you know it can get even better. Perhaps you’ve seen a shift in yourself and your relationships and want to learn how you can raise the bar on that. You’re committed to your own personal growth and ready to get crystal clear on your unique gifts, so you can make the difference you were born to make.


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Are you willing to dig deeper and get out of that comfort zone in order to create the success and impact you know you’re capable of? Are you ready to take your personal development coaching you have done with me to another level?


Then this is for you!


6 Frameworks

6 Open 75 min Coaching Sessions

Voxer access coaching at any time

Worksheets to create a deeper impact.

Here’s Everything You Get Inside

How much it cost?  

USD Payment Plans

📣 One-month discount

 (Expires  🗓️August 1st)

Paid in FUll:

$1100 Paid in Full

(Before $1450)

Payment plan:

4 monthly Installments of $350

(Before $400)

JMD Payment Plans

If you would like to pay in Local Currency (JMD) click the link below and complete the following form.

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