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FREE Mini Course

Top 5 Questions You Might Be Asking

Now That You Are in Your Chapter 2

Hi I'm Your Coach, Nicky Clarke  I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Mindfulness Coach

After my kids left the house, I enjoyed the freedom... for about a week! I watched TV in the middle of the day, did whatever I wanted, and pretty soon I was bored to tears!


After a few months of this, I decided it was time for a change.  

I hired incredible coaches and mentors who helped me:

  • Unlock my voice and start speaking up for my needs & desires

  • Get clear in my deeper vision & dreams that I had been putting off for years

  • Deepen my relationships with my husband and adult kids 

  • Learn to love myself through the menopausal changes in my body

  • Unleash the authentic me – and let go of any fear or resistance that used to hold me back


I'm here to tell you – you deserve it! And it's time for you to claim it. 


I would be honored to support you on your journey.  I have this Mini Course to support your Journey.


In this Mini Course you will learn how to...

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Top 5 questions you may be asking yourself now that you are in Chapter 2  FREE mini-course.

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