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Do you ever feel like you are on constant autopilot? Thanks to CoVid and trying to adapt to our new norm, this has gotten even more prevalent. Our brains are wired to be on autopilot, let's face it, which can benefit us when it comes to walking, drinking, brushing get the idea. However, it is not so good when we want to break the habits that are no longer serving us. We know we all have habits that we are not happy with but perhaps because of the autopilot mode we do not address them. Hmmm....something to think about!

Autopilot can lead us into exhaustion, both physical and mental. Going, going, going without a break...not so good for us! When we are living on autopilot means that we are not actively engaged in our NOW, our moments NOW, we are missing out on life.

Okay, so it is time to change the script, break the automation in your life.

First, be in awareness of the pattern you are running when on autopilot. Time for a change...( scary music inserted :-) no need for fear. Time to look at what in your life is on autopilot, what areas can you adjust, eliminate, or even delegate to others so that it is no longer a drain on you.

Have a look at your "have to" list...are they really have to's? Maybe you have put them there so you are always busy? Maybe those items can be shifted to a different list called "when I get to it" that way you are giving that time to YOU.

Time to start living intentionally! Do not allow life to happen or do you make life happen?

Source: Gustavo Razzetti/Liberationist

Share your story with me, how do you drive? Are you on autopilot?

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Love & Blessings Always,

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