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Comfort Zone

We all know that change can be very uncomfortable and distressing, actually it can be down right scary! However we also know that if nothing changes, then nothing changes. This is where your comfort zone comes into play. We are happy campers in our comfort zone…why would we want to "rock the boat". Well, we also know that there is no personal growth in that zone. When we are comfortable, we are not growing. Until you are willing to face your fear of the unknown, get comfortable taking risks, become more vulnerable, you will always be stuck in the zone. Many times we create these comfort zones in response to our fears. We know what needs to be done, but we don’t do it, we don’t want to open that door and step out…why? Perhaps we think it is too painful or we feel pressured. We all have a vision, a goal, dreams but we need to take the steps to get out of the "zone" and activate the steps towards your goals. If you don't take action, you will miss the reward. So many of us expect change when we are doing the same things every day. Don’t wait until the pain and pressure are too great to bear before you do something…take action now. Start by being consistent everyday with your actions toward that goal. If you put in 50% then you will get out 50% in return. With consistency, we can create habits that shape our lives for ever. Along the way will come many distractions and those are the biggies. Procrastination is a habit, it is important to kill that habit before it kills your dreams and goals. Get rid of every distraction possible, even if that means changing your environment. Patience is a must in this process..things take time…it is not an overnight fix. Swap out those short term pleasures for your long term goals. Balance is key. As I once read, you are free to make your own choices, however you cannot escape their consequences. Replace fear with faith, it will encourage you to explore the realms of possibilities. It doesn't make it easier, but it will make it possible. 

So ask yourself…is your comfort zone working for you? Are you still looking at your list of goals and not seeing any "accomplished check marks". Well we now know it starts from the ZONE….eerie sounding? Don't be afraid of what you are stepping into, be more afraid of what your comfort zone will do to you in the long term.

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