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Daily Practices

When you are feeling dirty or grimy, you take a shower. After the shower you feel clean, clear and refreshed..what a wonderful feeling. Choose what daily practice gives you that feeling INSIDE. Whether it is meditation, yoga…whatever resonates with it. When you are clear on the inside, you can tackle whatever comes to you on the outside. Take care of yourself..inside and out. Do it for YOU…no one else. 

What does daily practice mean? For me it is the time that I use to bring me back to my center. Clear my head and listen to what it is really saying, shutting out all the "chatter" that is present. Finding that time just for me is precious and truly calming. It is also a time for gratitude, to give thanks for all my blessings and gifts. I use the time to share love and healing for others who are going through their journey. Using the time to reconnect with me helps me to be clear and calm to take on whatever comes my way. I know mornings can be very hectic for many, so here a few quick tips:

*Set your intentions for your day in your bed as you wake...before you grab your phone.

*While you are in the shower, give gratitude for all your gifts.

*At your first sip of coffee, send love and healing to those who are in need.

*Sit for 5 minutes quietly and listen to the thoughts in your head, are they kind?

*At the start of your exercise routine, give thanks for being able to exercise.

*Before you close your eyes at night, give gratitude for all who were present during your day.

You see, there is always time and moments, no set time of the day needed. You do not need to make it into a "performance" for which you think you simply do not have the time for.  If you want to change your life NOW,  by living in the NOW, start by introducing a daily practice, it can be as simple or complex as you like.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

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