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Daily Practices!

When you are feeling dirty or grimy, you take a shower. After the shower you feel clean, clear and refreshed..what a wonderful feeling. Choosing a daily practice gives you that feeling INSIDE. Whether it is meditation, yoga, quiet time by yourself, self care…whatever resonates with it. When you are clear on the inside, you can tackle whatever comes to you on the outside. Take care of yourself..inside and out. Do it for YOU…no one else.

What Does Daily Practice Mean?

For me, it is the time that I use to bring me back to my center. Clear my head and listen to what it is really saying, shutting out all the "chatter" that is so present certainly in these times. Finding that time just for me is precious and truly calming. It is also a time for gratitude, to give thanks for all my blessings and gifts. I use the time to share love and healing for others who are going through their own journey and may need extra love and support. Using the time to reconnect with me helps me to be clear and calm to take on whatever comes my way.

How your day may look like!

  • Your alarm goes off to wake you, before you grabbing your phone, while still in bed, set your intentions for your day. How do you want your day to look like, bring it in. Express gratitude for the previous day, practice self forgiveness for any mistakes you think you may have made.

  • Time to get moving, move your body, doesn’t matter how small or how long. Yoga, walking, running, stretching....just 30 minutes can clear the "cob webs" giving you energy and clarity.

  • Perhaps, while you are getting ready for your day, instead of focusing on your imperfections that you are convinced are looking back at you in the mirror, give gratitude for all those gifts in your life. The friends and family who take the time to check in with you.

  • During your first sip of coffee or tea, send love and healing to all those you know who are in need. Take time to notice the smell or taste of that delicious cup of goodness. Nourish the body with a breakfast that will give you energy, you will be thankful later in the day that you did!

  • Take 5 minutes to be still, quiet and listen to the thoughts that are coming through. It can in be in your closet after you have chosen your outfit for the day, or in your car as you start the engine, no radio on!

  • Through out the day, add in self care wherever you can. A delicious meal, coffee break with friends or even a virtual coffee call, listening to your favourite playlist during lunch. Find something that puts a smile on your face and love in your heart.

  • Evenings are time for family. Put the phones down... for however you can manage :-) and have fun....card game, funny show. Enjoy a scrumptious dinner without any guilt :-) Laughter is best medicine.

  • Before you close your eyes at night, give gratitude for the day and for all who were present during your day. Listen to something soothing, a mediation, an inspirational podcast. Try to get to sleep 30 minutes earlier if you are a late person. Getting in those extra ZZZ's can make a world of difference. If lavender on your pillow resonates, fantastic!

No excuses!

You see, there is always time and moments, no set time of the day needed. You always can always find at least 3 minutes during the day for YOU. No "performance" needed, it can simple or complex as you want it to be, just need to add it into your day.

If you want to change your life NOW, by living in the NOW, start by introducing a daily practice.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." – Aristotle

Are you ready to incorporate more Daily Practices into your life? I am, let's do it...together!

Nicky Clarke is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Mindfulness Coach

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