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Energies, Are You In Awareness Of Yours?

I felt compelled to write about energies today as truth be told, I think we are all feeling them! For me, this week I have felt a shift, shift towards some heaviness, a shift towards tiredness, shift towards stillness. Now, I don't know why that it and it really doesn't matter, but I am in awareness of my energies of how I am feeling, as well as how I giving off those energies with others. Of course, I could sit here and theorize a dozen things of what it could possibly be, but why would I drain my energies further trying to figure that out. Perhaps it would be better to try and channel my energy towards what I can do to get them to shift.

So how do I do that? Here are my go-to's!

Journaling, which hands down is my favourite tool! Writing down how I feel, so simple and yet so powerful. Sometimes when I don't know where to start, I just write a sentence such as " I am feeling off today and I am not sure why." From there it just flows. When I am able to get my feelings out, there is such a shift and a release, like I always like to say "releasing the pressure releasing valve".

Meditation, another great shifting tool for me. Getting still for just 5 minutes a day brings my mind to be quiet, allowing me to breathe slowly and deeply and to hear what is being said. Now, sometimes nothing comes through, that is OKAY! I know I have quieted my mind, and given my energies permission to move off, shift, as they are not resonating.

Mindfulness is my GO-TO! Of course, I am not being biased :-) but I am living proof that Mindfulness is a life changer. Bringing Mindfulness into my life has been the greatest gift, being able to slow down, get still, be in my NOW, notice all the beauty around me, be in gratitude for them, this has shown me how precious life is, take nothing for granted. When I am fully in my Mindfulness time, my energies shift instantly, I no longer feel that something is wrong, just the opposite, all is right and calm.

Support is a big one! I will just say that we are not expected to do this alone, so why do it? From the support of my 2 coaches ( yes coaches have coaches) I am able to dig deeper to unearth who I truly am, who I am truly meant to be, and how to navigate this world, wow, how magical is that? With that support, I have been given the gift to be a better coach, woman, wife, mother all while navigating this CoVid journey. Support in any form is a powerful gift that we can give ourselves. Okay, I could go on and on, but you get my point :-)

It starts with awareness of your energies, are they off, not you, what energies are you giving off to those around you. From there it is time to own, accept and doing something about it.

Let's get those energies flowing positively!

If you are feeling like what you are doing is just not working for you…seek support, guidance, therapy…pleeeease!

Doesn't matter how "trivial" it may seem to you, perhaps you just want to vent or explore emotions that won't go away, reach out. If there is someone who you feel may need guidance, reach out!

If you are ready to make a change, reach out for your 30-minute virtual FREE coffee call. Click on the "ABOUT ME - WORK WITH ME" tab above and let's get started!

Of course, please feel free to forward to anyone you feel could benefit from a call.

Love & Blessings Always,

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