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Energy Drain...Real or Imagined?

You start the day feeling on fire, on top of the world, ready to take on any and every challenge. All is going along "swimmingly" and then WHAM, you feel the energy drain from you. Mentally and physically you start to feel depleted, your gusto is no longer there. You ask yourself..what happened???? Energy drain is REAL. Time to rewind the clock and see what were you doing, listening to or even watching that unconsciously sent you into a downward spiral. Yes that happens and you don't even realize until your body becomes tired and your mind is begging you to pause. Especially now in the time of CoVid, awareness is KEY! We are inundated with updates, new procedures, new protocols that will send our headspace into chaos.

What Can I do?

  1. Check in periodically with yourself. Are you absorbing? Are you processing too much social media? How is your body and mind feeling?

  2. Take frequent breaks from screen time, from news updates and do something fun and soul loving. Whatever that is for you...take a mini break and top up your energy with fun, love, gratitude.

  3. When you feel your mind draining, STOP! Assess how you are feeling. If you need to walk away, then walk away. If you need to talk, call someone! Do not ignore when your mind speaks, the body will respond accordingly feeling fatigued, nurture the body with rest.

Not attending to energy drain can have long term effects on your body, lowered immunity which at this time is a NO NO! It can also have long term effects on your mind, lead to strained relationships with those around you, long stints of energy drain can lead to depression!

Have a quick look at just a few things that could be "zapping" your energy:

  • Not enough sunshine time - Vitamin D. Staying indoors too much and not getting enough nature time.

  • Saying YES too much instead of NO when your mind is begging time off. It's okay to say no to coworkers or friends when you need a time out.

  • Lack of exercise.

  • Too much social media and news updates - constant scrolling and checking news will zap you.

  • Dehydration.

  • Multitasking is a biggie. Slow down, you are doing too many things at once.

  • Lack of sleep

You are in control of YOU. You get to choose what is not working and fix it...yes YOU. Awareness is the first step! Then Acceptance that something needs to change! Action is the next step. If you need guidance SEEK SUPPORT! Yes it is that overthinking needed.

So in this virtual world we are living, online support, guidance, therapy is available from the comfort of your home, how perfect is that! It doesn't matter how "trivial" it seems to you, you may just want to vent, or explore emotions that won't go away, reach out. To get you started, I am offering FREE 30 minute Support Calls.  During this call you get to find out what is lurking "behind the scenes" and make a plan to keep you on track!

Intrigued? It's so simple....all you have to do it click on the link below!

Mindfulness876 Booking Form Link:

Allow me help you through this! Allow me to guide you through this CoVid journey, allow me to show you what you are capable of, what you can overcome, conquer this!

Nicky Clarke is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Mindfulness Coach

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