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Follow Your Heart...LOVE Is There.

As I approach my wedding anniversary next week, 30 knew then as I still know now is that I followed my heart. I didn't have a "GPS" back then to know where exactly I was going and how I was getting there but one thing I did have was LOVE and I listened to my heart. Okay so that may seem corny but it is true! When you have LOVE in your heart then you can overcome any and every challenge.

Listening to our hearts can be hard for many as our minds think they have a stronger pull, we may even think our mind is more rational! When we are convicted in our hearts, there is nothing that can stop us from following our dreams, getting what we truly want, being who we truly are.

So exactly how do we follow our hearts???? LISTEN to it. Yes it is that simple! When you feel that tug, that pull that something "doesn't feel right" or "this just feels right" you listen to what is being said. Some may call it a gut feeling...that's okay, whatever it is for you, just LISTEN. Of course your mind will kick in and find all the reasons why or why not that may convince you to not listen, but quietly ask your mind to "sit this one out" as you are listening to your heart this time.

With LOVE anything is possible. Everything you want is worth fighting for but you have to LISTEN to your heart where the LOVE lives. Naturally a roller coaster of emotions are going to surface because your mind is trying to take over, hold firm, don't deny what your heart is telling you as it won't lead you astray.

Over the last 30 years I have learned how to listen to my heart, how to communicate with that love, that life is a journey, compromises, persistence, resilience, that if I ( my heart) wants something bad enough that I can get it and I deserve it. So I encourage you to follow that voice that speaks loudly from your heart.

Nicky Clarke is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Mindfulness Coach

I am offering FREE 30 minute Support Calls.

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