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Being truly grateful for all that we have in this life is the most powerful gift we can give ourselves. We all know that gratitude is the essence of life…to be truly grateful is powerful, uplifting, humbling, cleansing and so much more. But how do we practice gratitude? What makes us pause to be grateful? Are we truly mindful in our gratitude or are we just rolling along saying we are thankful? Here are few prompts to give you an idea…read, stop, reflect and truly answer what comes into your heart.

1. Think of a person from your past who made you a better person. Have you thanked them in person or in spirit? 2. What is a past challenge you have endured that has brought you strength or wisdom? Have you given gratitude for that "gift"? 3. When was the last time you experienced the wonders of nature and given thanks for the ability to do so? A walk, a sunrise or sunset, rain…the things that gives us life? 4. The last time someone made you belly laugh that made you feel that life is good..have you said thank you? 

When we pause to reflect on all of our daily gifts, it is important to be thankful for each and every one. Every person or thing that crosses your path is sent for a reason…find that reason and be thankful..whether good or bad. Gratitude journals are the most powerful tools to help us to develop this amazing habit. Whether it be an online journal or an actual book you write in everyday, give yourself the gift. Check them out on Amazon or your app store…promise you, you will not be disappointed!

Start each day with a grateful heart. End each day with a grateful heart. Stop and give thanks for everything that you everything is a gift. Life is a series of a thousand tiny miracles...notice them.

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