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Many times when we feel "off" we are not sure why our energies seem to be low..can’t put our finger on it. That is the best time to get still and let your emotions tell you. Sometimes it is your past hurts that have surfaced and need to be healed. We tend to hold onto those, but they always surface. If that is so, then do no resist, allow them to come in. Practice self care, self love and release any self criticism. Do not be resistant to what comes in…explore, be open to find out what the hurt that comes up tell you…perhaps it isn’t as deep and strong as it was…give it love and move it on out. Healing begins once you stop resisting and being afraid of what once was…it may no longer be. 

We are right where we're supposed to be, doing exactly that which will best help us grow. When we are hurting we sometimes feel that there is no resolve but all that you require is within YOU. For healing to take place you need to LOVE yourself...stop the mental criticism of yourself for living what you think is the "wrong" life. Stop the self judgement and of others. Be patient with yourself, sometimes we have to repeat our lessons before getting them right. Feel your emotions..allow them to flow. As a society we are told to be "strong" contain our emotions. Be comfortable with your feelings. An integral part of healing is helping others to heal. Remember what you give, you get back in return. Give back your love, bring happiness and wonderful spirit to others. Love is the greatest healer!

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