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Honour Your Cracks & Imperfections

In my meditation this morning I received a beautiful message that I want to embrace all of my broken parts, my cracks and my imperfections. Wow, bet you never thought something like that would come through?

Yes Yes Yes!

We all need to honour our scars as they are OUR gained wisdom. Many times we feel the need to discard our broken pieces, but I beg to differ. Why not mend them with love and gratitude?

Without these pieces, we will not be able to be whole again.

Putting The Pieces Back Together?

Life, especially of recent, feels like it can break us, think we can all testify. For some, it feels that the last couple of months have them "shredded" leaving them now to pick up the pieces. That's okay....pick them up! Grab them all with both hands, keep those parts, show them love, kindness, gratitude and respect. When we practice self love, compassion, we give ourselves permission to heal, allowing us to take each piece and fit them back together again. No judgement, take as much time and space as you need, they will fit back together, I promise.

Remember everyone you encounter is walking a journey with many mended parts, you don't even realize. By making yourself whole again, you become a unique masterpiece. There is no other like you. One of a kind with a beautiful story to tell. So as you continue on your journey, parts in hand, realize that you have the amazing gift to mend. All the grief you have, infuse it with love. All the mistakes, infuse them with forgiveness. All the setbacks, infuse them with patience.

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Nicky Clarke is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Mindfulness Coach

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