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Mental Awareness Month - May

My Beloveds,

May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness month and with all that is happening in the world today, it is even more important that we are aware and ready to assist where we can. We read and hear stories of people who are feeling desperate both mentally and financially, have no where to turn, no assistance, no support and unfortunately some only know a certain way to stop the pain. 

Even within us sometimes we are feeling emotions that we are not comfortable with, perhaps we think we should be feeling them now with all that is going on, be in awareness of them and talk about it, reach out and share with a friend so that you can address them before they spiral out.

What can we do, how can we help? 

Look for the warning signs. Be aware of any major changes in their behavior or yours, as in the chart below. 

If any of these are ringing off bells and whistles, the next step is ACTION...seeking counsel. Make contact with the person you think may be going through something, be with them, talk to them and ascertain how deep it for them. Perhaps it’s anxiety that can be worked through together with support. If it something you can talk through with them, great! If you feel that it is too much for you, then contact a professional and make the link between them. 

We all know there is so much stigma that surrounds mental health today and now more than ever we need to break that stigma. Emotional issues comes in so many forms from anxiety, not feeling good about ourselves, all the way to full blown depression. It doesn’t matter what stage one is at, seeking support can be so powerful. For those who are in awareness, AWESOME... ensure that you share that awareness and support with all those around you. 

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