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New Norm?

My Beloveds,

I read this quote and it struck home to me big time. I felt called to share some thoughts with you all. We all want to return to normal so desperately, but what does that mean to you? This time of solitude, isolation, quarantine, social distancing, is teaching us so much about ourselves. It is forcing us to slow down, reevaluate what is truly important in our lives. For some it has sent us to darker places we never knew amazing. When you look back at how you “ran” your life before this, what do you see? Were you on a hamster wheel, moving at light speed missing all the blessings that we right in front of you the entire time? Were you so busy that you never had time to pick up the phone and call a friend, or even visit them! Were your to-do lists a mile long, adding on as you crossed off? No time for self care or even time to read a book? Wow, I feel exhausted as I read the normal life we were living.

So where are we now and where are we going? Now we are living in the NOW! Mindfulness practice at its highest. We have slowed down almost to a halt, where we can actually hear what our hearts are saying, have been saying. To name just a few of the many blessings, we are able to enjoy the beautiful sunsets, sunrises, togetherness yes though virtual. We are able to explore WHO we are, what we truly want out of life...we have the time now to explore. We are being forced out of our comfort zones of “busyness” to being alone with ourselves and our thoughts....woah, how that make you feel? We are being called to become more human, showing kindness, love, compassion to ALL. We are learning how to do without, without all the “noise” of our crazy lives. Without the constant contact of people and chatter, the “dashing” out and about to keep ourselves busy. Will this become our new norm where we are kinder to ourselves and others, softer, more open to receive, more open to giving, allowing ourselves to be heard and be honored?

Will our future be returning to who we truly are, who we are meant to be, exploring a range of emotions that we constantly suppressed because we were way too busy for that, allowing ourselves the time to heal, time to rest, time to listen, time for US, something that we ignored in the past? They say every cloud has a silver lining, of course it takes for us to go within to find those blessings and with this gift of Mindfulness time we have been given, the linings are shining so bright.

For me this time has “cemented” all that I have learnt, studied and embodied in my daily life as a Spiritual Life Coach and a Mindfulness Coach. I know this is a scary time for all, emotionally and physically however the mind and body are linked. When our minds are clear, strong, powerful our bodies respond. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, support or clarity, as this time is showing us pieces of ourselves we didn’t even know existed. Let’s connect, let me teach how to allow yourself to release and let go, how to navigate the emotions that are surfacing as we know when resist they will persist. I will help you to connect or reconnect to who YOU truly are.

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