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Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Pieces

Right now I feel like our lives is like a giant 1000 piece puzzle with the image all in one colour and when I step back and look at it I just cannot comprehend putting all the pieces together. However as we all know when we take our time, separate the pieces look at the completed picture, we sit down and do a little bit each day. We do not have any expectation that we will sit and complete it all at once. I use this comparison to show you that our lives now feel that way, we just cannot see to the end of this puzzle. How can we practice patience, see the larger picture, be still long enough to accomplish even one “piece” when there are so many pieces.

Taking time for ourselves is first and foremost in this process. When we teach ourselves to slow down, permission to rest, release expectations, that is when the magic starts to happen. By virtue of slowing down, we start to crave activities that are quiet and peaceful. We want to put the “do not disturb” on every door we go through as finally your body and mind has been given this beautiful gift of rest. Some of you may be wondering “how do I take time for myself..what do I do?” Self care, whatever calls to you. For me, exercise and meditation are my “go to’s”. Starting my day at 5:30 AM with a 40 minute power walk followed by a cup of warm lemon water then onto a short meditation fills my self care tank! It allows me the time to reflect, to slow down and listen to what my body and soul are craving. Gratitude is so important during this time which is important in our “life puzzle”. Being thankful for what IS working, rather than focusing on what is NOT working.

As we journey through these unprecedented times, take comfort in knowing that you will finish your puzzle, you life will be whole again, your world will have all its pieces put together. If you need support, seek it, as what we are experiencing now can and will take a toll on your mental space, there is no shame in asking. If you can support others, do so, be there for them in any way you can.

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