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The definition of resilience : (1) the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. (2) the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

"The Perfect Storm" you are experiencing, be assured that it WILL pass…all storms do! You are stronger than you know. You will be knocked down, bounced around but you will bounce back stronger than before. Being resilient is not a trait that you have or don't have. You develop resilience through your attitude and behaviour during your storms. Growing through adversity....resilience. Everything always works out even when you do not understand it in the moment. Change your perspective and you will realize that you do not have to try so hard to control everything... you already have all you need "inside".  Let go and trust, surrender your worries, release yourself from resistance…remember faith and fear cannot occupy the same space. Your efforts, dreams and prayers have been received…don't think about how it will happen, that is not for you to worry about. Be in gratitude, joy, love…do not block what is coming your way with your negativity. Hold the course and trust that what you want IS on its way…You got this! 

Many times we feel we do not have what it takes to fulfill our dreams or goals. For example…write that book, loose that extra weight or take that trip...fear of the unknown, failure. Many have started and given up because they are tired and defeated. Getting through disappointment and failure without allowing it to crush your spirit...that is resilience. Goals and dreams are hard, but you have to reach down, go within and remember the reason you started.  Dreams take time, the road will become bumpy. Believe in yourself that you have the "grit" inside to withstand the ups & downs that comes with pursuing your dreams. The view from the other side is incredible. The only thing worse than giving up is wishing you hadn't. Keep telling yourself " I am strong!"

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