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Self Judgement

SO this came up in my meditation this morning, we are all guilty of this, judging ourselves harshly. Whether it is our bodies, we don't like how we look or judging ourselves for not doing enough or more... self-judgment is real!

Why do we sometimes question or justify our reasons or actions? Why do question ourselves when things are going well...almost like we are guilty of feeling happy and having blessings in our lives. How many of you do that? Get honest, it's okay to raise your hand.

Perhaps we feel we are not worthy of it, especially now on this CoVid journey. Guys, there is no need to justify or question your decision or reasons for what you have or want to do. It's YOUR life, live it the way that resonates with you. Somehow I think we want everybody to be happy for us, happy with our decisions but that is not a reality.


I have to put that in bold as that is the truth. As long as you are happy, then that is all that matters. What others think should not matter, but if it does then it is time to go within and explore. Ask yourself WHY? Maybe there is something missing that you are craving from others...hmmm....something to think about.

Trust yourself that the decision you are making is right for you.

Learn to love yourself unconditionally, flaws and all. Release the judgment and turn it into self-love. Free yourself from criticizing yourself, your body, your mind. You are simply doing the best you can. You are perfect just the way you are!

Share your story with me, are you living with self-judgment?

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Love & Blessings Always,

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