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My Beloveds,

Wow... what a transformation the world is going through now, but more than that, how we are transforming as people. As we know before the butterfly becomes that majestic creature it goes through a transformation stage where it is no longer a caterpillar but not yet a butterfly. I have been giving this so much thought recently as I feel we are in that stage, where we have paused our lives that we were living but we are we are not able to emerge into what we would like to become...perhaps that beautiful butterfly. We have been given this time to grow, to expand our minds, to understand what struggle and fear are, all within the cocoon of our homes with our families. This process that we are going through is not by choice, we have been given this but we get to choose how we GROW through this experience.

For some of us this can be too much to bear, for some this is a wonderful soul searching time, for some this is an “inconvenience” to say the least. Whatever it is for you, no judgement, as we all transform in different ways during our cocoon stage however, be accepting of yourself no matter what. For those who this is too much, seek support, reach out, surrender to your needs. It about being calm and peaceful everyday as the news or updates roll in, or your mind wanders to the “what if”...that is what support offers. For those in your soul searching time...awesome! Keep exploring, keep digging and unearthing who it is you want to be when you emerge from your cocoon. There is no right or wrong in this process, follow your heart, feed your mind and honour your soul. For those who are feeling inconvenienced, no worries, that is all part of your emotions surfacing trying to be released. Allow them to flow, allow them to rollercoaster as that is your journey during your cocoon stage.

Just like the caterpillar to butterfly stage this is a wonderful rebirthing time for us all. This time represents so much and for me I will look back and cherish the moments that I had for ME, my family, the simple pleasures that even I didn’t realize where with me every moment of the day. How will you look back at your cocoon time?

I must share a short piece of something that Rhonda Byrne from The Secret wrote which resonated with me. “Everything always takes you to a greater destination. You always grow and the things you think you can’t survive you somehow divinely make it through.”

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