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Yes To You

This one is hard for most of us. Being able to say YES can bring so many emotions..guilt, fear and anxiety. Feelings of selfishness is real, but it is not being selfish at all. Saying yes to different parts of you—whatever they are. No need to pick and choose, but saying yes—YES—to whatever is inside you. Say yes to your needs. Yes to more time to yourself, more exercise, more love, less anger. Try saying no to the things that do not resonate and see how that feels. 

On the flip side, what are you saying and doing to YOU when you say no to you. Treat your body and mind with care, give it all what it needs and deserves. Many times we sense a deeper level of need for ourselves and dismiss or delay it. Regardless of time or place, answer that call when it comes. Say YES to YOU! No set recipe or regime, do what calls to you. Be gentle and honest with yourself…go within..feed yourself with the nourishment it needs. You will be surprised to see what gift is returned to you. Say yes to being alive. Yes to YOUR life. Yes to each year, each day. Yes to each minute of the day.

Feel the yes in your body. As Thich Nhat Hanh has taught us : Breathing in, feel something positive; breathing out, say yes. Breathe in energy, breathe out yes. Breathe in calm, breathe out yes.

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