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Boundaries..we all need to set our own boundaries from many things. Boundaries from toxic emotions, from toxic friends, from unhappy people/friends, from unhappy relationships, sometimes from the people who we are becoming which we don't like. Many times we do not define our boundaries because of a fear of conflict. We must be vigilant to not step on other people's boundaries, be mindful, step back and let go of the need to be right. We must also be vigilant to not push our own boundaries, be respectful of yourself. 

We are all on a journey and each one is unique. When we find ourselves not "subscribing" to others, just remember you are not on their journey. Set your boundaries, be very clear, let them go…send them off with love. Do not be judgemental of them or you, it is okay to put distance as it is not your path. Follow your heart, be loving, be kind as we never know what someone else is experiencing on their journey.

We are always there for others, but are there for ourselves? When we feel sturdy we are there 100% but when we start to falter could be it that we have allowed a negative pull on us? Have we allowed our boundary to be breached? Make sure that when you are being "Hercules" for everyone that you are not depleting your energies. Do not absorb, respect the boundary that you have implemented, this will help protect your energies. Make sure that you are there for you with self love and appreciation. Take the time to nourish you with whatever that is…meditation, exercise, massage etc. When our boundaries are poorly defined, we find ourselves stressed and out of sorts. As they say " you cannot pour from an empty cup".

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