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Do You Love All Of You?


During this Aliveness Mastery course I am currently in, I am partaking in a 4 week BE BOLD challenge. Hmmm...BE BOLD, what exactly does that mean. Okay so in essence we have to dress and act the part as if we are living our lives fully expressed! Without getting into too much detail I decided to love ALL of me, dance in front of the mirror and dress according to WHO I am...BE BOLD!

The BE BOLD Challenge has shown me that I had so much deep down just waiting to come out. Dressing "the part" allowed the true, unapologetic me to shine through, the BOLD confident part of Nicky, the part that speaks her truth! Dressing fully expressed every morning has brought me alive, feeling beautiful and confident! I realized that I was suppressing that part of me. Of course working from home, not really interacting with people in person, I thought I didn’t need to “dress up” and wow was I ever wrong! I feel POWERFUL. I LOVE all of me. I know this may all sound simple to you, some of you may dress up everyday, but is that really you? Is that you being FULLY EXPRESSED?

Being bold means stepping out of your comfort zone, to challenge yourself in areas of your life that perhaps you have allowed to be dormant. We can think of many "bold" acts we can do, from sky diving, to online dating but that is YOU? Being bold is different for everyone, there is no script to follow, being bold for you is living YOUR life fully expressed as YOU.

So I ask you the you love all of you?

If you were living your life, fully expressed, what would that look for you??


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Nicky Clarke is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Mindfulness Coach

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