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Life Is Meant To Be Lived!

Life is meant to be lived, not survived is such a powerful statement!!! How many of us are just surviving? Or are you living? Okay, so CoVid is here to stay ( for how long, who knows) so what are our options? Live or survive? Adapt or play victim? Something for you think about, perhaps time for some introspection on how you are currently living or surviving.

So you may asking exactly what does surviving mean. Surviving is going through the motions of everyday, doing the same thing and not finding any joy in it. Now... there is nothing wrong with routine, that keeps us on "track" however when our routines become a drag, something we start to dread, then perhaps it is time to shake things up, start living! A simple example would be say every evening after work you come home, put your things down, head to the kitchen and snack on the same foods, sit at the same table, eat dinner at the same time, social media magnet kicks in keeping you captive, instead of conversing with your loved one, finish dinner, clean up and off to bed. You get the idea, as I said it was a simple example, but you are just surviving each day by relying on your routine to get you through to the next.

SO how do we shake it up??? Ahh, simple act...CHANGE! Change the routine, change your location, change your clothes, change your meals, change your habits....CHANGE! You can see how beautiful change can be here. Put on clothes that make you feel special, eat out of fancy china on a table set as if you were out at a restaurant, as eating out is on pause for most at the moment.

Feel the excitement of doing something different, change up your routine, bring LIFE into what you have to do everyday, eating, drinking, sleeping, dressing, working!

CHANGE your perspective on your routine. Change can be a beautiful and powerful gift to US, all you have to do is choose it!

LIVE your life NOW!

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Nicky Clarke is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Mindfulness Coach

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